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Celebrating 40 years of business in Calgary

Snowblower Repair Shop Serving Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Heavy use will cause your equipment to wear down and break over time. Outdoor machines used for landscaping also have a tendency to develop issues after being stored away during the offseason. Engine failure in your lawnmowers and snow blowers can be especially frustrating. Luckily, E.J. Mower Centre Ltd has a team of factory-trained technicians that are able to quickly repair any breakdown of your lawn and garden equipment. We assess your outdoor equipment to determine its condition and proceed to perform the repairs.


At E.J. Mower Centre Ltd, to ensure hassle-free replacement and repair, we always maintain our stock of parts and components. To further ease the process, we can also offer pickup and delivery services for your equipment. So, with professional maintenance and repair services at our snowblower repair shop in Calgary, get your equipment at its best again. Contact us today to schedule your repair service.


What All Do We Service?

At our snowblower repair shop in Calgary, apart from working on the outdoor power equipment from our line of supply, we also excel in inspecting and repairing brands that we might not be selling. For example, snowblowers from B&G is not a part of our selection of products. However, we do service products from Toro, Ariens, and Stihl, all of which have B&G engines.


So when your mowers, trimmers, blowers, power rakes, and other outdoor power equipment are showing signs of damage, you can bring them to us. Our technicians will efficiently address the issues and restore the working order of your engines.


Reasons Why Your Outdoor Power Equipment May Need Repair

When you are using your outdoor equipment after a gap of a few months, you might face issues while starting the engine. Listed below are some of the common reasons behind engine malfunctioning:

  • Fuel problems: Your fuel tank might be empty or dirty. The fuel shut off valve might be closed.
  • Carburetor issues: A dirty carburetor might not allow fuel and air to power the engine, resulting in malfunctioning.
  • Disconnected or old spark plug: When the spark plug is not connected or hasn’t been replaced for too long, it prevents the engine from starting.
  • Problems in the compression system: A range of components present in the compression system function together to allow engine function. If there is a leak or a valve issue, your engine will face a starting problem.
  • When it comes to your landscaping equipment’s functioning, trust E.J. Mower Centre Ltd, your snowblower repair shop in Calgary, to meet the industry standards.


Sharpening Services in Calgary

E.J. Mower Centre Ltd also has a high-quality sharpening service. We can sharpen almost any item with a blade, including knives, scissors, axes, chainsaws, etc. We can even sharpen hand-push reel mowers. Bring in your tools and equipment for quick and affordable tune-ups.

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