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Celebrating 40 years of business in Calgary

Choose the powerful pressure washers in Calgary

We, at E.J. Mower Centre Ltd, provide you with the most powerful pressure washers in Calgary. To explain it in simpler terms, pressure washers also are known as jet washers or power washers. They are devices that are used to maintain cleanliness. A pressure washer removes dust more efficiently than a brush and uses less water than a garden hose would. No matter what your business is or where it might be located, a pressure washer can always be of good use for your office or any other space to ensure that it is clean. Cleanliness not only helps you focus more by decluttering the space around you but also reduces the chances of the incidence of illness and disease. When it comes to sales of pressure washers in Calgary, products from E.J. Mower Centre Ltd are unbeatable in terms of quality and usefulness. 


We sell Stihl pressure washers with a variety of features and have a pressure washer solution for almost every price range. Our range of pressure cleaners starts from as low as $199.95, and also have a special discounted offer on all our Stihl models. Stihl pressure washers are known to have an amazing reputation for their superior quality. They are known for their ability to combine power and high-quality components, thus bringing and adding long-lasting value to you, your life, your business and your home. Moreover, Stihl pressure washers are convenient to use and are extremely durable. Thus, they can be used to clean both- your homes and your commercial spaces, without any hassles or troubles. This convenience goes a long way in ensuring that your spaces and surfaces are impeccable and sparkling clean. They come in a unique design that not only makes them easy to use but also facilitates the cleaning process. Their design has been described as ‘ergonomic’ i.e. they are designed for efficiency and comfort. The pressure washers have a number of features that make it easy for you to operate them. These include:

  • Lightweight aluminium telescoping handle for ease of use
  • Push-in coupling for quick nozzle changing
  • Wheeled cart for easy movement
  • Rotary and flat jet nozzles
  • Accessories storage


Models of Stihl Pressure Washers

To facilitate the cleaning process in your residence or office, Stihl provides various pressure washer models to its customers. Each model has its features and qualities. Given below are some models we provide in Calgary. In case the model of your choice is not mentioned in the list, then you can give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.


Regular: $249.95

Compact high-pressure cleaner


Regular: $429.95

Compact 135 bar, high pressure cleaner with integrated hose reel


Regular: $649.95

A pressure washer that combines easy starting, durability and a full range of optional cleaning accessories. 


Regular: $329.95

Compact high-pressure cleaner 


Regular: $829.95

A premium pressure washer that combines excellent performance with durable build quality for long-lasting value.

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