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What Is the Difference Between a Snow Blower and a Snow Sweeper? Which Is Right for Me?

The winter months are upon us and upkeep around the home turns to snow removal! Snow can be a lot to handle without the right kind of equipment, and not every snow removal piece works the same.

There are some major key differences in all the various types of snow blowers and sweepers. Measuring the two types for your needs can help you find the perfect piece of anti-snow technology to keep your driveway clear and safe.

So, what's best for you, a snow blower or a snow sweeper? Let's dive in to compare and contrast the two.


Snow Blower vs. Snow Sweeper

We'll start with the basics. Both a snow blower and a snow sweeper are self-propelled mechanical tools that can push through snow-covered paths to remove the snow. There are a number of small variations within snow blowers and snow sweepers, but here we'll look at their overall setup.

There are 5 major ideas you should consider when comparing snow blowers vs snow sweepers. Let's check them out!


1.     Mechanical Differences

The biggest difference between these two machines is the number of stages they use to remove the snow. A snow blower works in two stages while a snow sweeper works in only one. For the two-stage snow blower, the snow feeds into the machine and then processes through an impeller and blown out with a fan and chute. In comparison, the single-stage snow thrower takes in the snow and uses a propeller to throw it right out of a chute, making it a great option for high-traffic areas.


2.     Size and Capability

Snow sweepers are often the same size as snow blowers — the difference lies in how they operate.

Snowblowers are capable of throwing snow much further and can handle deeper depths than a sweeper. A snow sweeper, however, can clean everything down to the ground, leaving nothing for anyone to slip on.

That doesn't mean a snow sweeper has more power than a snow blower, though. Snow sweepers can't handle as much as a blower in a single pass.


3.     Types of Power

Though their power levels are different, how a snow blower runs vs a snow sweeper is the same.

Both operate on fueled-based engines that can run for long periods of time. They both leave you the freedom to travel further from your home, making either option great for larger plots of land.


4.     Costs and Maintenance

Overall, snow sweepers tend to be more expensive than snow blowers. Because both are fuel-based, you're going to worry about fuel costs with either machine you choose.


5.     Safety

Whether you own a snow removal company and need to avoid lawsuits or are a homeowner trying to avoid slips and falls, these two machines actually work in tandem to maintain safety.

A sweeper's ability to remove snow from the ground is great for light days, but it isn't going to help much when you wake up to inches of snow and need an efficient cleaning method, but that's what a snow blower is for!


Keeping up With Your Upkeep

Overall, both these machines are going to make a fine addition to your collection of homecare equipment. Now that you're also equipped with a better understanding of a snow blower vs a snow sweeper and how you can use them to your best advantage, you are ready to take on the winter months!


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