Snow Sweeper

How to Select the Right Snow Sweeper for Your Winter?

Winter waits for no one and the cold weather brings driveways and parking lots filled with snow! The standard shovel can take a lot of time and effort. Your saving grace this winter may be a snow sweeper. A snow sweeper can come in two sizes — 28 and 36 — to fit your needs and your budget. Investing in a quality machine will save you from a snowy prison trapping you in your own driveway. Excited to get a snow sweeper for yourself but not sure where to start? Let's dive in and show you the options!


What is a Snow Sweeper?

The snow sweeper has been around for quite a while and often gets confused for the bigger and more complex snow blowers. The sweeper itself uses bristles to sweep up the snow and an engine to throw it to the side. Operating these machines works with a simple push. Pushing the snow sweeper along a snowy path removes the snow as you go, making it simple to use without the heavy pushing and lifting that a simple snow shovel can require. Despite a simple design, there are a few elements for you to consider when purchasing your own snow sweeper.


The Key Things to Look For in a Snow Sweeper

Finding a quality snow sweeper should have you consider 2 different things. First, the size of the area compared to the size of the sweeper. Second, whether the amount of snow you'll face requires a heavy upgrade. Though you're limited to two size options for your snow sweeper, making sure you find the perfect fit for you is a must.


1.     Power

When it comes to picking a snow sweeper, your one option is gas. The free reign that a gas engine provides is perfect for getting into even the smallest nooks and crannies of the area you're snow sweeping. This does mean you'll have to refuel, but a clean driveway and yard are enough to make those extra costs worth it in the end.


2.     Heavy Duty Upgrades

The final consideration brings up whether a deluxe snow blower may fit your needs more. If you have a lot of areas to cover and expect large banks of snow to deal with, you may need to look at the higher-end machines. While the costs may be greater for the deluxe snow blowers, they have unmatched quality and with them, you can clear almost any area of snow.


Bracing for Winter With Quality Equipment

Dealing with winter snow can be a huge chore. With a quality snow sweeper, it can be a quick and satisfying breeze. Now that you have a better grip on what kind of snow sweeper you may need, you're ready to face winter's wrath! For all your home care equipment, we here at EJ Mower have the quality brands and machine expertise to get you what you need. Contact us today for more information!