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Common Lawn Mower Problems and How to Fix Them

Lawn maintenance isn't easy — simply mowing the grass doesn't cut it (pun intended). Spending so much time perfecting your lawn takes a lot of energy, so it's important that your equipment keeps up.


Unfortunately, problems often arise. What happens when your lawn mower won't start? What if it stalls out or starts smoking? We know there are many issues you can face while mowing your grass, and we're here to address the most common ones. Here are the most frequent lawn mower problems and how to solve them:


Lawn Mower Will Not Start

The most dreaded issue — your lawn mower refuses to start. What's going on?


Around 80% of the time, the culprit is either the fuel or the carburetor. It could also be a spark plug issue. Start by checking the fuel level — is there a sufficient amount? If you know you filled it up, but the level is lower than you expected, check the tank for a leak. If a leak isn't the issue, make sure the gasoline isn't more than a month old (and replace it if it is.)


If everything looks okay with the gasoline, take a look at the spark plug. If it's wet, the engine will not start. Try cleaning it, remove any oil residue, and let it dry. Lastly, check the carburetor for a clog (which can be caused by fuel being left in the tank for too long).


Lawn Mower Is Smoking

If the lawn mower is emitting a cloud of smoke, the first thing to check is the color. If it is white or blue smoke, the oil may have spilled onto the engine. To fix it, restart the mower and allow the oil to burn off. This color smoke could also signal that there is too much oil, so be sure to check its level using the dipstick in the oil reservoir.


If black smoke is the issue, the mower could be burning too much gasoline. This means a clogged or dirty filter could be hindering airflow to the carburetor, so replacing the air filter might be necessary.


The Starter Rope Is Hard to Pull

It can feel like a workout trying to start your lawn mower, especially if the rope is causing problems. The first step is to ensure the starter rope isn't crossed. If not, check the mower blade. If there is debris, the blade will not spin, causing the pull cord to stick. If the blade is damaged, it might be time to consider replacing it.


Lawn Mower Is Making Weird Noises

Hearing strange noises from your lawn mower is never a good sign. Here's a look at what they might mean:

  • Rattling/Banging: Check for loose parts and tighten attachments like the flywheel and mower blade
  • Screeching: The cause could be worn bearings or low oil
  • Shuddering: Check for debris under the deck
  • Vibrating: Inspect the mower blade for any dents


Lawn Mower Stops While Mowing

If your mower stops mid-mowing, it's probably due to a dirty air filter that needs to be cleaned. It's important to routinely clean the filter since it can lead to motor failure.


The other issue could be a dirty blade. Have you been mowing wet grass? Doing so leads to clumps of wet grass underneath while causing the blades to be dull. The best time to mow your grass is when it's dry.


Need Lawn Mower Repair?

Sometimes a lawn mower needs professional maintenance to get it back on track, and that's where we come in. E.J. Mower Centre Ltd has a variety of parts ready to go that ensure your lawn mower is running to the best of its ability.


If you're looking for a new one, we have a vast collection ready to go! From John Deere to Husqvarna, we carry the best brands to fit your needs. E.J. Mower Centre Ltd has serviced Calgary for 40 years and is looking forward to helping you with your lawn maintenance needs!